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Classic B&K Video Found!

As I was pouring through all of the random stuff I have saved from The Beaner & Me Show, I ran across this video. The first is from 1999, and shows a much younger ME at the armory with a Furby and a big ol’ TANK. Furbys were the “it” toy that Christmas season, but we managed to get one. So… instead of auctioning it off (like everyone else) we decided to flaunt our Furby prowess by running the damn thing over with a tank!

Furby run-over by a Tank

The second video is from when we hosted “Weekend Showcase” on The WB. The movie was “Deathwish” and the segments were played in/out of the commercials. We were at Paint Wars. Enjoy!

Weekend Showcase at Paint Warz

The last video is from our Green Screen sessions at The WB. I had thought the audio was too far gone to be used for anything, but I did manage to clean it up a bit. –At least good enough so you can hear what we’re saying. There is also a few takes from The Alabama Theater mixed in. It’s all pretty silly.

Weekend Showcase (Green Screen)

Beaner and Ken invade Alabama High School football games with sports segments aired on FOX 6 TV sports back in 1999:

Sideline \’99 (High School Football on TV)

We had been approached about doing a TV version of our show. We of course said: “Yes!” and produced this Pilot that never aired:

The Beaner & Ken TV Show Pilot

Beaner produced this “Daily Show” type news report about ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’…

Weapons of Mass-Destruction. –At the MALL!

This video reminded me of how much FUN we had doing the show for all of you. I really can’t express how much I (we) appreciate being given the opportunity to have the world’s most exciting and rewarding job. I consider myself very honored to have been a part of a morning radio show that people still remember to this day.

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